Special Panoramic Lifts


Over the years, Bremi Ascensori has focused on creating a range of special systems to satisfy the most varied demands of our customers. Our mission is to listen to our clients, interpret their needs, and offer them a product which meets all their requirements in terms of performance and appearance.

Our technicians and designers at Bremi are always keen to meet any sort of challenge and take great satisfaction from finding the right solution; whether it is a question of a circular lift, or a system to fit a particular type of shaft or historic building.


Below are some examples of special panoramic lifts produced by us in recent years, and which offer tangible proof of the high quality of our work.

New Company Headquarters

We created a lift installation for new company headquarters, with open usable space between floors. This system, only protected at floor levels, provides considerable visual impact.
The installation is supported by a semi-circular structure. The doors are all in glass, with a sub-threshold mechanism to allow the best possible view.

Carosello 3000 at Livigno

We installed a lift at the Carosello 3000 Refuge at Livigno, located at an altitude of 3000 metres.
The system and shaft structure were inserted into a circular stair well. The elevator system is rounded, with rounded doors. The curved windows and doors are all in glass.
The whole shaft structure is lined with polished stainless steel.

New Company Headquarters

This system, installed at new company headquarters, features a circular shaft structure and rounded glass panels.
The staircase was designed to suit the dimensions of the lift structure. The hydraulic system with a central direct piston allowed us to install a circular cabin to fit the rounded structure.

System at Livigno

This system was installed at Livigno (SO). We fitted it alongside a wooden staircase, producing a stunning visual impact.

  • Circular system with rounded glass panels;
  • Panoramic cabin with internal glass roof, and wooden floor (laid after installation);
  • External cabin housing in polished stainless steel;
  • Metal framework also coated with polished stainless steel..