About Us

Bremi Ascensori S.r.l.

The Bremi Ascensori Company has been on the market for 20 years. The key members of the team have been with us from the start and many others have played an active part for ten years.

Thanks to our highly experienced personnel and level of organisation, we are able to provide our customers with all manner of lifts.

We offer our customers the best guarantee of experience and success. Our best form of publicity is also something we are proud of: word of mouth. A satisfied customer is a powerful means of positive communication to friends and acquaintances.

Our mission

We are always aware of the need to provide customers with a means of transport that can be beautiful and safe, as well as efficient and dependable.

The aesthetic and functional satisfaction of our customers is the primary objective of all our projects.

Bremi Ascensori aims to:

  • Raise the level of aesthetic and functional quality of its products
  • Create value for the company and gain customer loyalty.
  • Increase the satisfaction of its own team.


To consider safety and dependability also means to consider the quality of life. We do so by bearing the needs of customers in mind at all times.

Our values

The company believes in and adopts the following values:

  1. Service and commitment to its customers: we are fully committed to providing efficient and flexible solutions that can meet the needs of customers, working with them to ensure their satisfaction.
  2. Excellence: we believe that quality at the right price is the best possible investment for the future of the Company. Professional relations with customers make us stand out above competitors who see value for money (above quality) as the one way to achieve their objectives.
  3. Integrity: we believe that the best possible execution of each task, the collaboration between colleagues, a willingness to adapt, and honesty, are the hallmarks of a company that creates products of true excellence.